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[Forthcoming] Night: An Anthology. Spout Hill Press, November 2019

Dark Ink from Moon Tide Press, November, 2018. Print.

The Carnival Poetry Anthology from Picture Show Press. January, 2018. Print.

One Night in Downey from the Downey Arts Coalition. June, 2016. Print

Cadence Collective: Year Two. Sadie Girl Press. July 2015. Print.

Collected Work:

Digging A Hole to the Moon by Scott Creley

Digging a Hole to the Moon – New & Selected Poetry, June 2014, Spout Hill Press 

The Angelic Machinery – CSULB University Press, Long Beach 2007




Select Journal Publications



[Forthcoming:] Red Shift. issue 2 vol. 1. Arroyo Secco Press. June 2019. Print.

[Forthcoming:] Manoa. University of Hawaii. April 2019. Print.

Red Shift issue 1 vol. 1. Arroyo Seco Press. November 2018. Print.

“Two Cups of Tea” – Poetry Across the Languages: Dialogue and Translation between Chinese & International Poets. Beijing International Writing Center, Beijing Normal University. March 2017. Print.

“The First Time I Felt The Rain” – Cadence Collective. November 2016. Digital.

Three Poems in Cadence Collective Year Two: Anthology. Sadie Girl Press. July 2015. Print.

“An Interview with Gary Young”  – Spectrum. Issue 1, Vol. 63. UC Santa Barbara Press. November 2015. Print.

“Gunfighter Sestina” – East Jasmine Review. June 2015. Print


“My Father at the Kitchen Counter…” Cadence Collective, December 2014

“Skin” Cadence Collective, November 2014

“Two Cups of Tea” in Miramar #2, May 2014 

“Skin” in Miramar #3, December 2014


“Two Cups of Tea” in “Carnival Literary Magazine” Issue 1, vol. 2, 2013

“Souls in Purgatory” in “Carnival Literary Magazine” Issue 1, vol. 1, 2012

Sentence #7 with Sherman Alexie, Christopher Buckley, Gary Young

“Red Color News Soldier” Sentence #7, Firewheel Editions, 2010

“Skin”, “Leukemia”, and “Sitting on the Hood of my Father’s Car” in Bear Flag Republic from Alcatraz Press, 2008

S.P. Untitled: Screenplay. 2008

“Starting Over” Mosaic Art & Literary Journal, 2007

“Addict prayers” “Freefall”, 2005



“Hiroki & The Game of Thrones” Screenplay for Fox Media corporation on the future of television. Commissioned by SciFutures, Inc. December 2013.

“S.P.: UNTITLED.” Pilot for an episodic series promoting the Sour Patch brand of candies owned by Cadbury-Schweppes. Aired April 2009.




The Birk Hinderaker prize in poetry, 2007

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