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Night: An Anthology. Spout Hill Press, November 2019

Forthcoming:  Dark Ink from Moon Tide Press, November 2018

The Carnival Literature Anthology. 2017

Once Night in Downey. 2016

Cadence Collective: Year Two. Sadie Girl Press. July 2015. Print.

Digging A Hole to the Moon by Scott Creley

Digging a Hole to the Moon – New & Selected Poetry, June 2014, Spout Hill Press 

The Angelic Machinery – CSULB University Press, Long Beach 2007




Journal Publications


Forthcoming: Three translated poems in a special issue of Manoa from the University of Hawaii. 2019.

“Two Cups of Tea” – Poetry Across the Languages: Dialogue and Translation between Chinese & International Poets. Beijing International Writing Center, Beijing Normal University. March 2017. Print.

“The First Time I Felt The Rain” – Cadence Collective. November 2016. Digital.

Three Poems in Cadence Collective Year Two: Anthology. Sadie Girl Press. July 2015. Print.

“An Interview with Gary Young”  – Spectrum. Issue 1, Vol. 63. UC Santa Barbara Press. November 2015. Print.

“Gunfighter Sestina” – East Jasmine Review. June 2015. Print


“My Father at the Kitchen Counter…” Cadence Collective, December 2014

“Skin” Cadence Collective, November 2014

“Two Cups of Tea” in Miramar #2, May 2014 

“Skin” in Miramar #3, December 2014


“Two Cups of Tea” in “Carnival Literary Magazine” Issue 1, vol. 2, 2013

“Souls in Purgatory” in “Carnival Literary Magazine” Issue 1, vol. 1, 2012

Sentence #7 with Sherman Alexie, Christopher Buckley, Gary Young

“Red Color News Soldier” Sentence #7, Firewheel Editions, 2010

“Skin”, “Leukemia”, and “Sitting on the Hood of my Father’s Car” in Bear Flag Republic from Alcatraz Press, 2008

S.P. Untitled: Screenplay. 2008

“Starting Over” Mosaic Art & Literary Journal, 2007

“Addict prayers” “Freefall”, 2005



“Hiroki & The Game of Thrones” Screenplay for Fox Media corporation on the future of television. Commissioned by SciFutures, Inc. December 2013.

“S.P.: UNTITLED.” Pilot for an episodic series promoting the Sour Patch brand of candies owned by Cadbury-Schweppes. Aired April 2009.




The Birk Hinderaker prize in poetry, 2007

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